Who is this Army of One?

Who is One Woman Army?

Just a girl trying to get rid of the patriarchy.

Feminism feeds my soul. When my sisters hurt, my soul aches. However, in order to break the patriarchy there has to both activism and feminism. I am both an activist and feminist. Whether that includes the world of academia and women’s studies, or marching in the streets – its time to take the world in our hands and say “Enough is Enough”.


Who is One Woman Army?

My friends call me a nurturer. A workaholic. A girl who loves the ocean. My family is my sisterhood of all. My work is my graduate degree in women’s studies, my feminist actions, writing of all sorts, graphics of all sorts, work of all sorts.

I idolize Emily Carr, Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, and Inga Muscio to name just a few.

I am passionate, driven, and determined to save the world.

I am tired of all this shit. Sick of all the hurt. Done with seeing my sisters beaten, abused, victimized, shut down, torn down.

I am inspired.

I am ready.

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  1. We dont really publicize this as much as we probably should when it happens, but your site got approved to be a Progressive Blogger affiliate a few days ago.. welcome aboard.


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