One Woman Army is MOVING! Please update links!

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You heard it here first. One Woman Army is moving and upgrading…

Please update your links and come to the new location to say hi!


Things I love

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That a woman is running for the White House – and both does not shy away from feminist issues (hello equal pay!) while also doesn’t care to make it a selling point.

That spring is slowly coming. Flowers everywhere, though still cold temperatures here on the East Coast – the air smells like spring.

bloom_150×150.jpgThe new t-shirt from that I ordered and just arrived! It is berry pink and so beautiful with a spring-time flower on it!

My sisters – a bit of a sisters night last night turned into some much-needed time to simply talk and rant and charge and laugh.

The stack of new books that I have on my bookshelf, found in a used book sale. Everything from “25 years of Ms. Magazine” to “The Bondwoman’s Narrative”. I don’t even know where to start.

– Artemis

Still here!

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Yes lovely readers, I am still here. A bit frazzled as of late with work and thesis stuff – but still here 🙂

Today, I am longingly wishing for a trip somewhere – ANYWHERE! Yes, a trip if forthcoming in July but that is soooo long away.

I am thinking of ways to make money right now without selling my soul to be able to take a trip sooner, rather than later 🙂

Weekend upgrading

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Exported old posts from old blogger account… now everything that had been in October 2006 is in its rightful spot and includes all the original comments. Feel free to browse and continue the discussion.


New site, new address!

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One Woman Army is moving…

Please update your links. I’m very excited about the move – many new opportunities! All content is being transferred.

You can fine me here.

Hope to see you soon.

– Artemis

New Year’s Questions from a Woman on the Run

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First posted January 1st, 2006


“Perfection is static, and I am a work in full motion.” – Anais Nin

It’s a New Year, a new day. Who am I? I’m still trying to figure that out.

This year was my first Christmas away from “home”. I’ve made a new home for myself over the past three years, with people to now call my family. I rarely missed the place I once called home, and yet… I can’t help but wonder how long this place, this space I’ve made for myself on the tip of the rock, will remain my home.

What forces will push me forward? Will I have the courage to make certain choices, to move in certain directions?

Leaving terrifies me. People leaving terrifies me.

One of the persons who I’ve come to call a friend, part of my new family, might leave in the next few months. Forces outside of me, outside of him, might push him away, might take him on a new path. I am a firm believer in following your heart to a place that calls it – but I can’t help but feel that my heart is slowly unravelling at the thought of yet another person in my life leaving.

In a year from now, will he still be here?

Will I still be here?

I’ve been alone for so long. I crave my space, love my loneliness. I push people away, and I’ll admit that I like it. I like the pain that it causes me. I like the solitary sadness that eats away at me. I long for more, but I can’t seem to make myself accept more.

In a year from now, will I still be alone?

“Perfection is static, and I am a work in full motion.” – Anais Nin

Happy New Year. -Artemis

A letter to my (younger) self

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What to say to you – to me – all those years ago?
Is there anything I could say that would’ve been heard? Would have changed who I am? Would I even want to?

The me of years ago once wrote that everything happens for a reason. That I could never be me, without all these things happening, and how could “me” be bad?

I will call my younger self “you” because she is a different person than I am now.

You were scared all the time. Scared to let people in. Scared of being alone. Scared of being different. Scared of being nothing.

I could tell you not to be scared. Or I could tell you that you were right.

That people will judge you. That people will be cruel and harsh, that letting people in is hard and sometimes you will get hurt.

I could tell you not to be scared of being nothing or of doing nothing. I will tell you that you don’t need to overcompensate for all those fears.

I would tell you not to be a workaholic.

I would tell you that you are your own worst enemy.

I would tell you that you will hurt and you will suffer and people will leave you again and again. That you might be alone at times and that the only person you can really count on in this life is yourself.

But I think you figured that out pretty early on in life.

I would tell you that its okay to be your biggest advocate and your biggest protector at the same time.

I will tell you that your need to not be alone, to not be hurt — will backfire on itself. You will be hurt. You will be alone. People will leave you.

But that’s part of life.

You can’t be afraid of life.
You can’t be everyone’s protector.
You can’t save eeryone – and in trying to save them you’re only trying to save yourself.

It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to be selfish. Its okay to trust people.
It will take you a long time to be able to do that – if ever.

What can I say to you – the me of years past – that you don’t already know?

I could tell you about all the pain and hurt you will go through. How everything you ever worried about happening – and losing – will come true. And there is no preventing it. That you must hurt. You must cry. And you must be angry.

After all, everything happens for a reason, right?

I will tell you that me of age 12, age 15, age 19, age 22, and age 27 are all the same person. That you can imagine you are different. You can work towards it and strive and fight to make yourself different.

But you won’t change. You won’t learn anything at all. You will be teh same after all.

You will still be your own worst enemy, not trust, be your biggest advocate and protector, a workaholic and alone. You will be your own worst enemy.

And I can’t tell you that you’re wrong to be that way.

Maybe the me in 10 years will be different and tell her younger self that she was wrong.

I look at you of yesterday though, and all the things I could and would tell you – I can’t. Because you were right then. You saw it years in advance.

– Artemis

When our pasts haunt us…

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It has been some time since I’ve been here. Summer has been filled with too many projects to handle, as the workaholic in me just can’t say no to anything. I miss my writing, and I know it misses me.

Last week my past came in full blast to haunt me. A ghost from my past, a person who I hadn’t seen in over 6 years, back in my life.

It’s hard to believe only a week has passed now since I saw him again.

I write here, instead of on my other, more public blog, because I can’t risk him knowing how he still affects me. How he once affected me, and obviously still does.

This person broke my heart 6 years ago. I was emotionally so over the moon for him. I would’ve picked up and talked about moving provinces to be with him, to have a chance to be with him, because I was utterly and absolutely positive that he might be the one.

He on the other hand, was too terrified, too scared to take that leap. And so instead, our communication ended, and this person who I had completely and utterly given my heart to, was out of my life.

I knew that if, in a year, he came back and wanted to try again, I would. And the wiser part of me looked at the lovesick me with pity for not being wiser, for being gullible, for believing he might ever change.


6 years later, he’s back in my life. Married now, but separated. A huge batch of problems. Whether or not he’s telling me the truth is another story.

But within a matter of minutes of seeing him again, all of the anger for how he treated me rushed out of my heart and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to spend an afternoon with him, to talk to him, to look at him and listen to him and laugh with him.

What I ask myself now, is this: am I feeling so mixed up and emotional because I still have feelings for him, because there is still something lingering between us? Or is it just that I’m missing the idea of what could’ve been?

Either case, I’m doing a serious case of punishing myself. I’m in danger of falling off a cliff all over again, whichever reason I’m feeling this way.

No good can come of this.

I know this.

The wise part of me is saying, block him, don’t talk to him, don’t think about him. This is a bad situation. He’s in a different province, so far from me. That allows me to put him aside, to try to forget, to put emotional as well as physical distance between us.

The other part of me is wishing he would get in touch again. Because one afternoon didn’t feel like it was enough.

Danger, Will Robinson, danger.


Wear it proud!

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For those who have been asking where to find one. Some places make them local – here in the Atlantic provinces I’ve seen at least three Crisis Centres who make their own for fundraising. If you can’t find one locally, check out the Feminist Majority Online Store.

For another version check out the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) cool shirt.


Carnival of Feminists

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The 15th Carnival of Feminists is now up at Self Portrait As.


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