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Now, if I were to actually ever take a golf vacation – I think it’d be best for me to first figure out how to truly, really really play the game.

My Dad has long been a fan of golf course software to help you figure out exactly what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right. Of course, he is actually a serious golfer – unlike myself who has played all of one game. I tend to prefer the minigolf course 😀 But, should I ever decide to really take up golfing like my Dad and all his buddies – golf course software might just be the way to learn how to do things.

I know that golf course software worked well for my stepmom. She was not a golfer until she met my Dad, and slowly through time moved away from golfing only with my Dad to having her own women’s golf groups, trips and friends. A women’s space on the golfcourse, where it has always and so traditionally been a male’s space. New territories and boundaries, and a whole lot of fun.

Maybe… just maybe… 🙂
– Artemis

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Golfing anyone?

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Sometimes all I want to do is dream about travelling. Particularly days such as today, when I am feeling the money pinch and trying to scramble ways to pay rent and tuition. I dream about days when I might have a larger apartment where I can have more than 1 cat and a little patio for bbq’s in the summer, and I dream of far-off trips and voyages that I will take.

Right now I am dreaming about anywhere from Havana, Cuba to Orlando, Florida. I’d take any kind of vacation right now to get me away from work, financial stress, and what not… just some pure solid relaxation. From a spa vacation to a golf trip at myrtle beach golf. Golfing by a beach would suit me right fine right now 🙂 I golfed for the first time several years back for a friend’s girls party before her wedding – golfing is a favourite pasttime of her and her husband – so I booked some tee time for her, myself, and the women in her family. It was tough, but I have to admit I had a blast. Maybe next time I visit my dad I’ll have him teach me 🙂

Golfing at myrtle beach golf looks pretty great. The course looks beautiful and they help you plan whatever style of golf package you desire – from length of trip to hotel. Now, I can just imagine laying on a beach sipping margaritas. Or driving around in a golf cart 🙂 Or someone driving me around! Or the chance to go shopping! So many perks to a golfing trip vacation!!!!

Perhaps I could talk my dad into a father-daughter golf trip… that might work!!!

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What’s with the chaotic posting?

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A few people have emailed or commented lately about the tags on the end of certain posts – “this was a paid post”.

So to clarify, please check out this post from January – The Wage Gap, Student Survival, and Blogging for Pleasure.

Yes, I am pay per posting on a random basis now. I’ve had multiple conversations with friends about this – some think its great that I’m working on earning money to do something that I really really do love – writing and blogging. While others are adamant that I am selling out my feminist values and to my readership by doing so.

I would be curious to hear what readers think about this and any critiques especially on how you’ve enjoyed the posts so far that include a paidpost tag at the end – are they too blatant in their advertising? Or have I succeeded, as I have been trying to do, in keeping with the feminist and activist theme of this blog? I have been working hard at being creative in the posts I choose to accept, and in writing them so that I am maintaining my feminist content and standards. And I’ll admit its really tough at times – and there are posts that I hve chosen not to take although it could have early me up to $20 a post, simply because I saw absolutely no way of making it feminist in content or relatable to myself whatsoever.

So that’s a bit of an explanation for now – for more info read the archived post listed above and check out the PayPerPost ad on the sidebar as well.

And please, please comment.


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