Cool feminist blogging!

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A few cool new feminist blogs I’ve just come across! I forsee a weekend of reading coming up….

Girls Can’t WHAT! 

Scholar & Feminist (where Feministing’s Jessica Valenti takes up the pen)

And in other completely frivolous news (as I’m just now having my morning coffee and waking up) – today is the day of Peter Parker and MaryJane! Oh yeah Spiderman 3 hits the big screen today and I am sooooo excited.

I had an interesting conversation a while back with a friend who asked my obsession with Spidey and who insisted on de-genderizing the spider by calling him “SpiderPerson”.

I would love to know what my feminist friends think of that one.



Where lies the child?

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For some reason this has been swirling around in my head as of late, and it keeps rising in my life as a symbol in various places.

I know how adoption is a wonderful thing for many people – I am absolutely fully pro-choice, and that for me means supporting women in whatever she chooses to do – whether it be giving up a child for adoption, having an abortion (clinical or self-medicated), or keeping a baby. It is HER CHOICE, whatever it may be.

Yet for myself, I can’t imagine that I might ever adopt a child as I have such mixed feelings surrounding it. It stems from my mother’s own adoption, and her sisters as well. My grandparents are the most amazing people I know. Summers at their home in rural British Columbia are filled with memories of my grandfather strumming his guitar in the twilight while singing in his lovely mumble and whisper. Or my grandmother, gone now, buying me Harlequin romance novels, playing puzzles and solitaire with me, and teaching me about how to treat yeast infections.

My mother’s multiple issues with adoption had so much more to do with her birth parents than with her adoptive parents – but it was something that caused her turmoil her whole life and so that is why my mixed feelings.

The other day I read a lovely novel by Joanna Trollope talking about adoption issues; then tonight finally watched Grey’s Anatomy where Izzie encountered her own given-away child. I found myself sitting there with tears streaming down my face uncontrollably and I wondered if her reaction was ever mirrored in my mother’s own birth mother.

So many mixed feelings and thoughts.

What’s with the chaotic posting?

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A few people have emailed or commented lately about the tags on the end of certain posts – “this was a paid post”.

So to clarify, please check out this post from January – The Wage Gap, Student Survival, and Blogging for Pleasure.

Yes, I am pay per posting on a random basis now. I’ve had multiple conversations with friends about this – some think its great that I’m working on earning money to do something that I really really do love – writing and blogging. While others are adamant that I am selling out my feminist values and to my readership by doing so.

I would be curious to hear what readers think about this and any critiques especially on how you’ve enjoyed the posts so far that include a paidpost tag at the end – are they too blatant in their advertising? Or have I succeeded, as I have been trying to do, in keeping with the feminist and activist theme of this blog? I have been working hard at being creative in the posts I choose to accept, and in writing them so that I am maintaining my feminist content and standards. And I’ll admit its really tough at times – and there are posts that I hve chosen not to take although it could have early me up to $20 a post, simply because I saw absolutely no way of making it feminist in content or relatable to myself whatsoever.

So that’s a bit of an explanation for now – for more info read the archived post listed above and check out the PayPerPost ad on the sidebar as well.

And please, please comment.


Burnt out – can you tell?

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My thesis is getting to me.

I need a thesis support group – desperately. Along with an additional 20 hours in a day, or extra several days in a week. I have working like mad lately as I NEED to be finished, need to get done this degree. I have participants who are soon leaving, and have been working to get them interviewed and wrapped up. Scheduling group sessions. So so tired, so burnt out.

But as always, in awe of these women and so glad they have trusted me to tell their stories, to share their stories with me.

After Monday, hopefully I will be more relaxed, following several interviews and a supervisors meeting.


Anticipating, but highly unproductive…

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Tonight, a bit of a short and sweet, sad and sorry, sookie-sounding post. Every once in a while you just get in a mood, you know? I have a tendency to feel very sorry for myself, very sookie and sad, when I’m not feeling well. I had a stomach flu for the first part of the week, and thought I had fully kicked it.

So got all done up tonight, put on some nice clothes, a hint of red, lipstick, washed the hair and curled it up nice, with big plans for the night. Hanging out with the girls at a friend’s house, followed by drinks downtown and then dancing.

I made as far as the friend’s house. After some wine and sweets, my tummy started to rip and roll again. It gurgled and gargled and made unpleasant sounds. In the taxi on the way downtown, I could suddenly feel tears behind my eyes threatening to spill as my gut threatened to purge itself. I dropped my friend downtown, and had the taxi take me straight home.

So here I am, back in comfy pajymas, still with the red lipstick on, sucking down rolaids and water and keeping an eye on the bathroom. I miss dancing, I miss the drinking, I miss being with my friends and hanging out downtown and laughing. It has been a long long time since I have done that, and I was so so so looking forward to it this evening.

So this post might be a bit self-indulgent, but tonight I am feeling self-indulgent and sorry.


Full moon blues

February 2, 2007 at 2:56 am | Posted in moi | 3 Comments


This week I am going a bit crazy.

Typically I have always loved my period. I love the womanliness of my body, I love the reminder that I am a woman, I love knowing that I am fertile, human, lovely, bold. I am alive.

The past several months my cycle has changed significantly, with at least one day a month where my uterus throbs as if someone is wringing it out like a damp cloth. I clench, tense, grit my teeth and cry as my uterus contracts and convulses in pain. This is new. Never before have I had such menstrual cycles.

This month, not only has my uterus being convulsing, but it feels as if my head and heart have been as well. Nausea and dizziness surrounded me for several days before my period, and for the first day of. And just two days before my period, my sad temperament mixed with alcohol caused me to verbally attack a dear friend. My own emotions and issues? Quite possibly? Just my menstrual tensions? Maybe. A bit of both? Most certainly.

But the tension for the rest of the week has not left my body yet, and it takes very little to set my emotions running on high, my stomach to churn and my tension and stress to escalate. Whether its thinking about work (which is very little), feeling pressured by co-workers on campus, or missing friendly outings – I am in a scary roar this week and every minute makes me want to cry or rage.

I am glad the weekend is coming. I need a day of rest. I need to lay down and drink wine and sleep and be cozy with blankets. And yet, I’m scared that if I drink again, that if I talk with anyone, I will blow up at them accidently.

Begone pesky period, begone.

The wage gap, student survival & blogging for pleasure

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Its no news to any readers here (I hope) both that students are poor and women are still behind in the wage gap.

I, unfortunately, fit into both categories. I have been in university for 10 years now, working in various forms of my undergraduate degree then master’s degree – always working other jobs – to pay for my education. I managed to avoid the trap of student debt up until my master’s degree. But despite getting *minimal* funding (women’s studies is at the bottom of the funding ladder at my university), I still had to go and get my first student loan and now find myself $25,000 in debt four years later.

I have worked some fabulous jobs – some upaid – many of them at wages far beneath their worth for the value of the job opportunity. Campus newspaper editors, graphic design work, student union work, union organization work – all amazing wonderful job experience. Now childcare. And I have watched numerous of my male colleagues and friends be able to later on maneuver these jobs into high paying jobs, or, on the flip side, working the same work as me and getting paid more for it.

All that said, I still find myself on the track of wanting to pay for my education (and my general lifestyle and what not) through things that I enjoy and are of benefit to me personally. No McDonald’s job or Walmart job for this chicky. So, loyal readers, I have no qualms of signing up for PayPerPost – as referred by fellow blogger extraordinaire Gypsy Princess.

Payperpost will allow me to pick and choose to occasionally write about products on this site while being paid for it. The great thing about PayPerPost (I’ve done some pretty extensive research) is that you can write about the product however you choose. GypsyPrincess does a great job of this – writing about something she had actually already planned to write about but then dropping in a few sentences about a relevant product into the post – all the while getting paid for it. I did share her initial concerns about selling out – but as my rationale above explains, I don’t want to have to take a walmart job and would much rather get paid to do something I really love to do.

So be on the look out for the occasional post (I’m going to be very picky, don’t worry about that) and please stick around, support me loyal readers!!!!!


ps – on a separate note, some of you may have noticed the OhMiBod ad on the side. This was a separate initiative of mine after discovering it through another feminist blogger and I am soooo in awe of the technology that has put music and pleasure together. And I am a huge proponent of women’s pleasure and will be purchasing one myself 🙂 So check it out, and let me know what you think!

Singin’ it solo

January 1, 2007 at 2:05 am | Posted in moi | 2 Comments


Thinking about tomorrow tired from all the time I spare
On what I still believe in
When none of my talk ever seems to get me anywhere
These habits are so hard to break and they’re so easy to make
These habits are so hard to break and they’re so easy to make

– Beth Orton, “Thinking about tomorrow”

Happy New Year to me.

Tonight I am ringing in the New Year solo, in the comfort of my candlelit apartment with my cat for company. A bottle of wine, some fresh-cooked pad thai (yay me!), some dvds and a little msn chat with friends from other time zones. Candles, incense, solitude.

Solo, beautiful me.

I am celebrating me tonight.

I have wondered before – is how you spend your New Year’s Eve/moment a sign of the year to come?

Well in years past I have always felt the tag-a-long… whereas I have been single for so long, it is easy to feel like the 3rd wheel at New Years’ Eve when paired with multiple friends all of whom have partners.

This year I am asserting my independence.

Wonderful, independent me.

The brief thought flitted by that shouldn’t I be with people? Shouldn’t I be with someone? Finding a someone of my very own? Do I really want this to signal my year ahead – being alone again?

Not alone – independent.

Some might say I am fiercely so already. Living alone for the past several years, several jobs (most of which are unpaid), going to school, living across the country from my family. Too often though i have felt alone, not independent. As if this independance is only a way to hide from the fear of being alone.

This year – I am going to be independent, and embrace it.

Embrace the wonderful, beautiful, assertive, independent me.

I feel no qualms about being alone. No nagging feelings of “maybe I should’ve gone out”. No regrets. No envy of being without someone.

I feel peaceful, proud, happy.

Happy New Year.

– Artemis.

New Year’s plans anyone?

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So how do other people ring in the New Year?

New Year’s has never been a favorite day for me – there is such pressure to be with someone… and for us single folks, the exclusion is tantamount. What do you do if you don’t have a partner?

Be with people you love, be with friends. Which in itself is wonderful, but when it comes to midnight, the ringing of the bell, its always who you’re with, who you kiss – and there is still a tangible feeling of exclusion.

So – what do you for New Year’s Eve?

This year, I’m debating staying in, on my own, in my home with my cat. Cooking a nice meal for myself, getting a bottle of wine or champagne, and renting some good movies. Having a bubble bath and making a night of it.

After all, we’re all really alone, aren’t we?

Why the pressure? Why put that pressure on ourselves to have the “perfect moment” at midnight?

Thoughts? What do other people do at New Year’s?

– Artemis 

Lazy holidays

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All I want to do for Christmas?

Laze around watching movies or episodes of Roswell on dvd. Or 24. Or Veronica Mars. Just generally… be lazy.

Its the most wonderful feeling.

I don’t want it to end.


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