Carnival of Feminists

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The 37th Carnival of Feminists is now up, hosted by KitKat’s Critique.

So curl up with a cup of tea and sit back for some wicked feminist blogging. Everything from posts about the Take Back the Blog blogswarm to activism to violence. I loves me some feminist carnivals!



Carnival of Feminists!

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More carnival news to speak of on this chilly day in Newfoundland! The 30th Carnival of Feminists is now up at Girlistic’s blog Feminist Pulse. As always, amazing posts to read from around the web (I know what I’ll be doing tonight!)

And thanks for the mention of One Woman Army in not one but two posts! Re-read the aforementioned posts Fighting for an education? Damn right! and Women’s Work is Real Work and join in on the discussion!


Carnival of Sexual Violence is now up!

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On Abyss2Hope

So many wonderful, beautiful, heartbreaking, survivor stories. Proud. Amazing stories.

Check it out.


Carnival of Feminists!

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The lovely Sandy over at Imponderabilia has brought us the 29th Carnival of Feminists! Be sure to cruise over there for some wonderful listings of feminists writing from around the blogosphere – including a mention of yours truly’s previous posts on the SWC cuts “The Women Are Angry“.

What better thing to do on a snowy Christmas night than curl up in front of your fireplace with a cup of steaming hot chocolate, your laptop, and a plethora of feminist reading in front of you?

– Artemis.

Carnival time…

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Two fabulous carnivals are now up with a plethora of fabulous feminist material…

Start your day off with a look through the Carnival of Feminists No. 26, hosted this issue A Blog Without a Bicycle – a great blog from another masters of women’s studies student.

When you’re finished scrolling and reading and musing through the amazing posts there, head on over to the Carnival Against Sexual Violence. Bloggers against sexual violence are highlighted here – many wonderful, amazing, sometimes painful, but always incredibly important posts.


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