Cool feminist blogging!

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A few cool new feminist blogs I’ve just come across! I forsee a weekend of reading coming up….

Girls Can’t WHAT!¬†

Scholar & Feminist (where Feministing’s Jessica Valenti takes up the pen)

And in other completely frivolous news (as I’m just now having my morning coffee and waking up) – today is the day of Peter Parker and MaryJane! Oh yeah Spiderman 3 hits the big screen today and I am sooooo excited.

I had an interesting conversation a while back with a friend who asked my obsession with Spidey and who insisted on de-genderizing the spider by calling him “SpiderPerson”.

I would love to know what my feminist friends think of that one.



Updating resources

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Its a snow day here in Newfoundland today (yay!) which means no work, no school, and a little time to update some of the links.

There is now a “Resources” section in the sidebar – currently most of the links are Canadian organizations but there are a few International ones.

If there are any I’ve missed please email me at

Happy Snow Day!


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