Friday feminist video blogging

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Dispelling the myths of feminism… I love it. I ought to use this when I do presentations to groups on gender inclusivity when we tackle myths of feminism…



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How much am I hating George Bush right about now?

The good news: Today the House passed a bill that would add gender and sexual orientation to the categories covered by federal hate crimes law. (Under current federal law, hate crimes are acts of violence against people based on race, religion, color, or national original.)

The bad news: The White House has already had issued a veto threat against the legislation.


What the frack does GWB have against women and sexual orientation so much?????

If this doesn’t prove that their is still gender and sexual orientation discrimination, I don’t know what does.

Election time cannot come soon enough.

New issue of E4W

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The new issue of is now up and available 🙂

Pretty new tshirts, new blogs and a brand-new Sexuality section where you can win an OhMyBod music-powered vibrator!!!!!


Truth-telling on YouTube

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A bit more about the National Day of Truthtelling as mentioned here previously.

National Day of Truthtelling

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Today, April 28th, is the National Day of Truthtelling taking place in Durham, North Carolina.

Although I am far away, my spirits are there with all my sisters who are telling the truth today and working to end violence against women. The Day of Truthtelling gets to the heart of stopping violence against women.

To heal – we must tell the truth.

To change – we must tell the truth.

To raise our voices – we must tell the truth.

To be believed – we must tell the truth.

To support one another – we must tell the truth.

To stop the violence – we must tell the truth.

I believe every single woman who says she is raped. Every. Single. Woman. I believe her when she says she said no. I believe her when she says she fought back. I believe her even if she says she was enjoying it but then changed her mind later. I believe her if she was wearing “sexy” clothes. I believe her no matter her sexual history. I BELIEVE HER.

Because No Means No. It doesn’t mean maybe later, or I’ll think about it, or keep talking me into it because I don’t really mean it, or… (insert anything here!!!!). NO MEANS NO!

So I will believe every single woman who says that she was raped, that she didn’t want it, that she didn’t understand it was rape, that she thought it was her fault and so she didn’t know it was rape. I will believe her. Because the hardest most painful, most difficult part of stopping violence against women, of healing oneself and violence, is to tell the truth about what happened to you. Not even to tell the truth to the world – but to tell it to yourself. To admit it to yourself. To speak the words.

So any woman who says she has been a victim of violence – I will believe her.

And that is the key to ending violence.

So today, my heart and passions are with all the women gathered from across North America who have come to march in solidarity in Durham, North Carolina, who will be attending teach-ins and workshops and speaking out their truths to eachother and to themselves.

Today is a Day of Truthtelling – but so should everyday be one.


Thumbs up for women in provincial budget

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Media Release – For Immediate Release
April 27, 2007

Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Newfoundland and Labrador

“Advisory Council Gives Provincial Budget a Thumb’s Up”

“The Provincial Government gets a big thumbs up for this year’s budget”, says Leslie MacLeod, President of the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

Many of the initiatives included in social spending indicate that government has been listening to the advice of women around the Province.  “We were very pleased to see the strong commitment to advancing the status of women in a variety of ways”, said Ms. MacLeod. 

The Advisory Council was relieved to see a $25,000 increase in funding to each of the eight Women’s Centres around the Province.  “Women’s Centres are an essential part of our communities.  They provide important resources to women and have been doing this on a shoe string budget”, said Ms. MacLeod.

The Advisory Council also received a significant budget increase.  “We will have an additional staff member and more resources.  We will be able to do more to advance the issues that are important to women,” said Ms. MacLeod.
Women make up the majority of people who work for minimum wage, and women’s groups have been a vocal part of the lobby for $10 an hour minimum wage.  The announcement of an $8.00 minimum wage by April 2008 shows we’re clearly on the way to that target.

The new post-secondary student grant system and reduced interest on student loans, free text books, assistance to people who have high drug costs, improved health care for women, as well as improvements in social housing and justice services are all welcomed by the Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council congratulates the women of Labrador for their success in advocating for increased medical transportation coverage, lower electrical costs, and improvements in education and justice services.

“We are also delighted that a total of $30 million in tax cuts will directly improve the lives of women and families in the low income bracket,” said Ms. MacLeod.

However, the Advisory Council continues to give the federal government a big thumb’s down.  “If Harper’s government hadn’t turned its back on women’s issues, the Province would have significantly more money for child care and early learning programs”, said Ms. MacLeod. 

“We would also be well on our way to solving serious problems with the egal aid system if the federal government believed in our right to ccess the justice system.”  Unfortunately, thanks to the federal government, access to both child care and legal aid continue to be serious problems for the women in our Province.


Blog to End Sexual Violence Day – April 5th

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basv2007.jpgApril is coming – and so is Blog to End Sexual Violence Day.

Last year the fabulous Femivist – who I miss greatly – hosted Blog to Raise Awareness of Sexual Violence Day in April. Marcella Chester of Abyss2Hope is following it up this year – thank you!!!!!

You can sign up and post about it on your own blog to help get the word out. And remember – on April 5th, 2007 to Blog to End Sexual Violence.

In the meantime, you can re-read last year’s posting “Just ASK me how I am“.

Valentine actions and broken hearts

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What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Remember making valentines as a kid and passing them around class?

Well, get out the coloured paper and markers, its time to do it again!

The Women Are Angry are making fabulous Valentine’s postcards to send to Stephen Harper. Organize some women, have a postcard signing session instead of your traditional V-Day celebrations this year. You can print them off here.

Or – make your own, as I did here.

All I want for Christmas…

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Dear Santa,

Its been quite a few years since I’ve written, but I’m sure to be on your good list this year! I’ve been so well-behaved – no name-calling, back-stabbing, putting gum in people’s hair – nothing like that. I’ve been an angel, so I’d like to ask for a few things for Christmas.

All I really want for Christmas is the funding to Status of Women Canada restored and equality put back in its mandate. If there’s one thing you can bring me – this is it! SWC has done so much for women’s equality in Canada over the years, and the work isn’t done yet. If you can’t do it on your own, how about getting every woman in Canada to email Bev Oda on Christmas Day to ask her for it as our Christmas gift? Here’s how to reach her:

What else would I like for Christmas? A job that pays the same wage as my male friends, all wrapped up in a stocking with a big red bow.

The Court Challenges Program restored in Canada – how can we challenge the government on women’s equality without it?

A t-shirt for every day of the week – This is What a Feminist Looks Like! Wear it loud and wear it proud!


Safe streets to walk on, safe bars to dance in, safe drinks to drink. How hard is that? Can you get it for me by New Year’s Eve?

What I really want for Christmas? Time with my family and friends. A home to call my own. And the knowledge of what it used to be like to be a feminist – because in my Christmas gift, feminism is no longer needed since we’re living in a post-patriarchy.

Hey, I said I’d been good, so I figured I’d make my list big 🙂 That’s what Christmas wishes are all about!

Happy Holidays everyone, whatever holiday you may be choosing to celebrate!


Taking Action: The Feminist Challenge

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Today I marched. I yelled, I rallied, I waved my placard. Tonight, my voice is almost gone.

And tomorrow, I’m ready to start all over again.

I’ll talk more soon about the SWC actions taking place around the country now, but if you’re like me and want to do more, check this out:

Its the Empowerment4Women Feminist Challenge.

I can’t find a deadline, it just says “for an upcoming issue” – but the general crux is take action! In the smallest ways, or the biggest – just try to do some sort of action on a daily – or weekly – basis. Then write about it.

I LOVE this idea. Anything to get more feminist action out in this world!

Anyone else in?


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