What’s with the chaotic posting?

April 28, 2007 at 3:04 pm | Posted in moi, paypost | 3 Comments

A few people have emailed or commented lately about the tags on the end of certain posts – “this was a paid post”.

So to clarify, please check out this post from January – The Wage Gap, Student Survival, and Blogging for Pleasure.

Yes, I am pay per posting on a random basis now. I’ve had multiple conversations with friends about this – some think its great that I’m working on earning money to do something that I really really do love – writing and blogging. While others are adamant that I am selling out my feminist values and to my readership by doing so.

I would be curious to hear what readers think about this and any critiques especially on how you’ve enjoyed the posts so far that include a paidpost tag at the end – are they too blatant in their advertising? Or have I succeeded, as I have been trying to do, in keeping with the feminist and activist theme of this blog? I have been working hard at being creative in the posts I choose to accept, and in writing them so that I am maintaining my feminist content and standards. And I’ll admit its really tough at times – and there are posts that I hve chosen not to take although it could have early me up to $20 a post, simply because I saw absolutely no way of making it feminist in content or relatable to myself whatsoever.

So that’s a bit of an explanation for now – for more info read the archived post listed above and check out the PayPerPost ad on the sidebar as well.

And please, please comment.




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  1. The posts still seem to have good content, I admit to having a bit of a twinge on seeing the paid post at the bottom though.

    That being said, we live in a society that guilts people to work for free and yet forces them to pay more and more even for basic necessities. It would be nice if we could all follow our passions regardless of the effect on our earnings, sadly that is not likely to happen in the near future.

    If this helps you put a few extra dollars in your pocket then do what you need to do.

  2. Thanks 🙂 The whole “paid post” at the end was actually something I chose to put… I didn’t want to trick people entirely and wanted to be fairly upfront in what I was doing, so that people can be aware that what they are reading is in part an advertisement of sorts, and in part my own thoughts – not misleading people in any way.

    The pocket money, unfortunately, is of a dire necessity right about now to pay my tuition and plane ticket to a wedding this summer… 😦 And damn straight we should all be paid for what we love to do!!!!

  3. I say, yay, you! if you can be paid, even a bit here and there, for speaking your truths, get on with it!

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