Thursday Thirteen #7 – Feminist Blogging

April 26, 2007 at 3:02 am | Posted in Thursday Thirteen | 6 Comments


Thirteen Reasons Why I Blog

1. This is not a TT just about blogging in general – but rather one about being a female, feminist blogger. That is my primary reason for blogging and also my reason why I think its important.

2. As a female feminist blogger – I am able to reclaim my voice that has been lost and stolen from me.

3. … and hopefully enable other women to reclaim their own voice.

4. I am able to take part in a shared online community of sisterhood – fight the patriarchy and fuck shit up!

5. I can reclaim my voice while also staying within the protection that an anonymous blog affords me. Speaking up takes a lot of courage, and doing it from the safety of pseudonym can be an important tool for fucking shit up.

6. I can learn from other amazing incredible feminists.

7. I am adding to an online feminist dialogue.

8. I can critique to my heart’s content the world’s patriarchy.

9. I can be me. I can speak. I can shout. I can cry online. I can find others who see me and support me and understand me. And yes, even others who disagree with me.

10. I can dialogue and learn – by blogging my feminist opinions and stories, I start a dialogue. And that dialogue may lead me to new thoughts and critiques and opinions and knowledge.

11. I can reclaim my own power.

12. I can take a bit of time and space out of my day just for me – and for this 10 minutes in time, I have a voice, and no one can interrupt me. For a woman in this world, that is a lot.

13. My blog is all mine. It gives me strength and courage. I am fighting the patriarchy through words, and that is a powerful thing.

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  1. Great list! I’m thinking of trying this Thirteen thing. I have a friend with a feminist blog, in case you’re interested in stopping by. Her name’s Cara and her blog is at

  2. BTW, can I start off by saying that I love your button “proud owner of a vagina”

    Also, could totally relate to your comments about why you blog. I blog for many of the same reasons.

    I’m all about cows on parade (art work) on my TT this time round. Do drop by!

  3. sisterhood is powerful! Keep up the fighting and blogging.

  4. Very interesting reasons, I am not sure that I understand them all but some of them I understand very well! 🙂

  5. HAPPY tt!

    nice list!

    My TT’s up tto 🙂

    I Can’t Help Thinking…

  6. Thursday Thirteen: Pretzel

    Happy Pretzel Day!

    Soft Pretzel
    Hot Buttered Pretzel
    Cinnamon-Raisin Soft Pretzel
    Out of the Ballpark! Pretzel
    Mustard Garlic Pretzel
    Asiago and Cheddar Soft Pretzels
    Easy Soft Pretzels
    Crispy Pretzel Bars
    Chocolate Pretzels
    Vanilla Covered …

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