Its a media world

April 26, 2007 at 10:08 pm | Posted in body | 2 Comments

Can I just say how annoyed and disgusted I am at the media towards women lately?

Famous women are constantly under scrutiny and judgement – and I can’t tolerate how many women I see agreeing with the media’s critiques.

From Britany Spears’ head-shaving and rehab stints to Rosie-bashing to the point where she is now leaving the so-called “women’s point of view” show The View – its absolutely unfair.

Women must be portrayed either as a mother and savior (see: Angelina Jolie post-baby adoption phase and humanitarian) or slut (see: Paris Hilton). Its clothes-judging, body-judging, makeup and hair-judging, posture-judging, speech-judging chaos. Is it any wonder that the majority of Hollywood starlets are constantly working out, on diets, and skinny as hell?

What are we teaching the women of generation with all this judgement?

If anything – we’re teaching them its a body-conscious world, everything in the limelight and camera-lens, and its okay to bad-mouth and be bad-mouthed in return.

If you want proof of this – just check out teen pages on MySpace and Facebook.



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  1. Ugh I know. What blows my mind is the “she is so fat and ugly now“ followed up by “SHOCKER, anorexic so and so.“ Do the producers not get whiplash on that????

    And then how are we suppose to tell our daughters and students and OURSELVES that our bodies are ok just the way they are. That we need to stop shredding people. That our own happiness comes from within, not from constantly striving to look better or be more successful strictly from an external viewpoint. How do we support other people when all we have been trained to do is attack?

  2. Self-image has been a hot topic on my blog for a couple of weeks now. We have covered everything from Hooters to NutriSystem commericals. I think this is a subject that women need to dive into before we completely destroy the self-worth of the next generation of women.

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