Anticipating, but highly unproductive…

February 25, 2007 at 4:34 am | Posted in moi | 2 Comments

Tonight, a bit of a short and sweet, sad and sorry, sookie-sounding post. Every once in a while you just get in a mood, you know? I have a tendency to feel very sorry for myself, very sookie and sad, when I’m not feeling well. I had a stomach flu for the first part of the week, and thought I had fully kicked it.

So got all done up tonight, put on some nice clothes, a hint of red, lipstick, washed the hair and curled it up nice, with big plans for the night. Hanging out with the girls at a friend’s house, followed by drinks downtown and then dancing.

I made as far as the friend’s house. After some wine and sweets, my tummy started to rip and roll again. It gurgled and gargled and made unpleasant sounds. In the taxi on the way downtown, I could suddenly feel tears behind my eyes threatening to spill as my gut threatened to purge itself. I dropped my friend downtown, and had the taxi take me straight home.

So here I am, back in comfy pajymas, still with the red lipstick on, sucking down rolaids and water and keeping an eye on the bathroom. I miss dancing, I miss the drinking, I miss being with my friends and hanging out downtown and laughing. It has been a long long time since I have done that, and I was so so so looking forward to it this evening.

So this post might be a bit self-indulgent, but tonight I am feeling self-indulgent and sorry.




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  1. What’s a blog if not self-indulgent?

  2. Hope you feel better Artemis. I like that Gloria Steinem piece. So true.

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