Thirteen Things that Made Me Happy This Holiday Season

January 4, 2007 at 2:01 am | Posted in Thursday Thirteen | 16 Comments


A new day, a new year! And now, a new Thursday tradition… time to get creative (at least) once a week with a Thursday Thirteen! What do you want to know about One Woman Army? Send your comments and suggestions for future Thursday Thirteens!

1. Sleeping in everyday – until at least 10am, if not later. Getting back to a regular sleep pattern and using an alarm clock again is very trying…

2. Watching dvd after dvd after dvd on my nearly broken dvd player. All day long. Every day.

3. Spending some quality time with my kitty-cat-o, who has been very lonely for her work-a-holic mother.

4. Not thinking about WORK!!!!!!

5. My Christmas lights. They may never come down again. They beat lamps anyday.

6. Marching, protesting in Victoria, British Columbia for the SWC protests. It was on my vacation, so it counts.

7. Feeling the most at peace ever about living alone and being by myself during the holiday season.

8. And simultaneously, spending the holidays with my dear dear friends Aphrodite and co. Waking up Christmas morning in her house, opening stockings, being with my new family.

9. Blustery winter days and bundling up in quilts on my futon. Never leaving the house and just watching the swirling snow outside the window.

10. Finally catching up with family I haven’t spoken to in months and months and months… I am a bad family member and friend. I don’t answer my phone.

11. Finally getting time to read – mostly on airplanes albeit. Reading The Story of Jane Doe by Jane Doe. Highly highly recommended.

12. Learning to cook!!!!!! Thus far, I have made pad thai and red lentil curry, plus finally perfected the art of baking salmon.

13. Last but not least – getting my life on track! As in, not thinking about work, not wanting to think about work, and most importantly realizing that there are more important things and more interesting things than work. That I do not want to solely do work for my whole life. It is bad for me. And most of it is unpaid. And its time to put a stop to that, to enjoy myself more, to really relax and continue to get to know myself and be at peace with myself. (sound like a resolution much?)

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  1. I may be waaaay off track here, but it sounds like you’re at peace with yourself. Congrats — and may the Pad Thai have been tasty. We’re planning on making it soon, ourselves.

  2. I still have my four strings of blue Christmas lights up. I’m thinking of just leaving them there…

    It sounds like you had a nice, peaceful, restful, rejuvenating winter holiday season! I’m glad for you.

  3. Great list!
    Now stop thinking about work!
    Enjoy your time!
    My list is up 2 for when you fall asleep at work..tee hee
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  4. Nice list… sleeping in till 10… you lucky dog! 😀 It sounds like you had an awesome vacation. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy T13.

  5. I too have been sleeping in late and loving it. Back to work next Monday though.

  6. Sounds like you had a great holiday season. Good for you I only work for holidays!!!

  7. Great list, I can relate to no. 10 a lot! Luckily true friends/family know that not talking to them isn’t because I don’t like them, but it’s just because I am me.
    Have a great Thursday!

  8. Welcome to the TT-family! Great list to start with, I can relate to a lot of those.
    My Tt is about the year 2007.

  9. Thursday Thirteen: First Things in 2007


    The first persons who were with me in 2007 were Farah and Rudy.
    The first person who called me in 2007 was Ella. Jan 01 2007 at 02:28:01.
    The first person who sent me an SMS was Vivi, Jan 01 2006 at 00:52:58
    Dearest friends, wishing u a very …

  10. Sounds like you had a great holiday!

    Happy TT

  11. I’m with you on sleeping in. I don’t know how to act sleeping in until 8:30 instead of my normal 5:30 wakeup.

  12. Yeah Artemis! I’m glad you’ve joined in with the TTs. I enjoy them. I too miss watching dvds and sleeping. #13 sounds like a wonderful goal for the new year. Good luck!

  13. Sounds like a GREAT holiday. I have to get back to cooking…. I did none this holiday. And, yeah, time with your kitty….NICE. 🙂

  14. I’m thinking you liked being away from work best…

  15. Glad you had a great holiday! This is my first week at TT…see what you think.

  16. Hey, it’s great to meet another BC blogger! Thanks for stopping by my TT. I’m linking you and will be back to read more…

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