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“if the call to witness can be understood as a summoning of one to listen to another’s remembrance of… then the bearing of witness is first and foremost a practice of listening. But a listening that takes a particular shape, that is, listening not only for what is being testified to, but also for how the testimony impacts on and implicates a witness…” (Rosenberg, 1996, p123)

Today, I finally did my very first thesis interview.

All day long, my nerves have been wracked with anxiety and stress. Stress that I would fail my program, stress that I’ve waited too long to do my interviews, that my amazing women who I’m interviewing would be bored with me and not want to talk or share. That my interviewing skills have diminshed over the years. That I would flunk my program and be stuck with a huge student loan for absolutely nothing.

Despite that there is always a danger of flunking, my fears *thankfully* were all completely unfounded.

Sitting with my wonderful participant this evening and talking about all things woman was absolutely wonderful. This wonderful woman I have known for some time and truly admire. To those who say “but what about bias and objectivity?” this is feminist methodology. Autoethnography, shared storytelling, empowerment.

We talked. She talked. I talked. We listenened. It was a shared interview in so many ways. Participatory. Dialogue. Both with power, both with control. We talked about all my favourite subjects via The Vagina Monologues: body image, violence, trans-issues, love and romance, partnerships and relationships, sisterhood.

A truly wonderful first start (if late).



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