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October 31, 2006 at 9:42 pm | Posted in body, Sisterhood | 1 Comment

I’ve recently moved here from another site, and am thrilled, excited, and feeling renergized.

It has been a while since I wrote much.

I am still here.


A shout-out to Eve’s Rib Clothing at left, who makes this t-shirt, among others with portions of sales going towards the National Eating Disorders Association in the U.S. of A. Support, wear the clothes, and love your body! For more on why this is on my mind right now read on sister…


The post below comes from a woman’s writing circle I went to.

It was beautiful and wonderful all at once. Our homework in advance was to “write a letter to our younger self” and bring it (or our notes) with us to an amazing woman’s house where we shared stories, talked about women’s writing, and ate amazing zuchini crab cakes (without the crab).

As we all sat and shared our letters, emotions came pouring out. Here in this space, with women that some of us barely knew, it was safe. A safe space to talk, to listen, to heal.

We cried as we shared our letters – and in sharing our letters our pains, our secrets, our shames, our joys.

We talked about women’s pain and oppression. In all the letters there were fears of body image here and there. What pressure does society put on us that each of us – 7 of us – none of us who knew eachother growing up, had similar fears and experiences? So many of us had binged and purged, starved at times, enjoyed doing it, some still struggling with it, some always and forever struggling with it. Needing to feel beautiful, punishing ourselves, needing control.

Knowing its wrong. Hating our feminist selves for doing so.

Warning our younger selves. Feeling pain for our younger selves.

What society are we in for this to happen?

How can we change it?

I ache for my sisters.

– Artemis.


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  1. What a wonderful experience that must have been! I would have loved to take part in something like that and I can only imagine the growing you did as a result.

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