Blog to Raise Awareness of Sexual Violence Day

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First published April 2nd, 2006


The title says it all.

Femivist is hosting Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence Day on April 18th.

We’ve all got stories. For those who want to share their story but don’t have a blog, you can email Femivist directly to post your story.

I could write about a lot of things this windy afternoon. But there really is a need to raise awareness of sexual violence.

You hear about it all the time. There’s the statistics, the press, the support groups.
But for some reason, you don’t really hear it.

Or maybe we’re just not listening.


In my thesis, I write a lot about the concept of bearing witness.

It’s a pretty simple concept really. I want you to bear witness to my stories, my experiences. In bearing witness to them, you take them into yourself. It’s a collaborative process that affects both the speaker and the listener. You become a witness in my experience, and in so doing, become changed.

Similarly linked is the practice of remembrance. How do we go about remembering certain events, certain traumas, in our lives? Is our practice of remembrance a solitary one, or is it collective? As we bear witness to one another’s stories, what does that mean for collective memory? How can shared remembrances initiate change?

In raising awareness of sexual violence, it’s time to tell our stories.
To bear witness to one another’s experience, to create a culture of collective memory.

I want to hear yours. I want you to hear mine.

By speaking together, by sharing experience, maybe we can create change.

After all, we’re not really listening yet.

Perhaps we need a new practice of listening.

– Artemis.


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